August #2, 2018, 19 x 25"
August #2, 2017, 25 x 19"
August #1, 2018, 25 x 19"
August #3, 2019, 19 x 25"
August #3, 2018, 19 x 25"
August #1, 2019, 25 x 19"

August #1, 2017, 19 x 25"
August #2, 2019, 25 x 19"
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My contribution to a multi-year collaboration to document Cumberland Island with artists Christa Bowden and Emily J. Gomez.

The Geological record confirms that Georgia’s barrier islands emerged from the ocean around 18-thousand years ago as the waters receded. Located about a mile off the mainland, their location makes them incredibly susceptible to high winds and tidal surge caused by powerful storms, made more dangerous by the rapidly rising water temperatures around the planet.

These gestural drawings are true improvisations and created on the beach with organic powder charcoal thrown at prepared paper. The marks left on the surface are a physical representation of ocean wind as it races across the beach, reshaping the dunes as it has for thousands of years.